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I have over twelve years of professional experience as a School Social Worker and Counselor.

My direct service experience includes classroom developmental guidance and SEL education, one-on-one and small group work focused on mental health, AODA, social skills, trauma, and support. As a School Social Worker, I served in many leadership rolls aimed at addressing systems of education and support for students.  These roles included supporting schools and districts at various levels of PBIS initiatives – including Restorative Practices, policy making, staff development, and liaising with local and county community resources. I have served on the Wisconsin School Social Work Association Board on the conference planning committee and as editor of the newsletter. 

In my role as a consultant I am focused on increasing the capacity of administrators and Student Service Professionals to do the challenging and sometimes seemingly insurmountable work that they are tasked to do on a daily basis by supporting the mobilization of initiatives that will cause the change in systems required to support individual students.  The balance between meeting individual student needs and achieving the systems changes needed to support them is tricky.  My work will help professionals meet the daily needs of students, while knowing that the initiatives that matter the most to them are being supported.

Past Projects

  • Initiation and implementation of school-wide mindfulness initiatives that included weekly staff mindfulness sessions, regular staff development activities and education on implementing mindfulness in the classroom as an SEL component.
  • Implementation of school-wide restorative practices within a PBIS framework.  This included an update to the student code of conduct, student, staff, and parent education, co-organizing a student-led Restorative Justice Summit that incorporated community members, community leaders, law enforcement, administrators, and students, and creating a system for responding to student behaviors based on restorative justice. 
  • Coordination of CBITS (Cognitive Behavior Intervention for Trauma in Schools) to pilot a trauma screening program at a high school in Dane County.  This project included coordination with community resources, staff education, implementation logistics, coordinating post-screening student follow-up, and co-facilitation of the cognitive behavioral intervention for students identified as having trouble due to a traumatic event.
  • Initiated a grassroots community coalition at a school district with over 50% Free/Reduced Lunch in Sauk/Columbia County to address issues of homelessness in the community.  The coalition mobilized school officials, clergy, law enforcement, community organizations such as St. Vincent DePaul, and community leaders, volunteers, and school staff to take action to support homeless children and youth.  All student had access to lunch money, free meals to take home on the weekends, winter coats, and many other resources due to the efforts of this group.  We worked with housing authorities and landlords to help ensure that children had a place to sleep at night.  Ten years later, the organization has a board of directors and is a self-sustaining organization and continues to help children and families in the district.
  • Developed and let a successful truancy program based on a tiered model aimed at reducing truancy and supporting students with the difficulties preventing them from attending school.  The program included a data-driven step by step model that provided wrap around support based on each students needs.  The multi-disciplinary team of regular education and special education staff, administrators, police-school liaison, counselors and school social worker was successful in providing the wrap around support that student needed.  Students who were truant gained resources they needed and additionally, all of them passed all of their classes during the terms they received support.

What People Say

Monique could always be counted on to return the team’s focus to what was best for students-not just in that moment, but in the long run as we strove to redesign a flawed system…. Monique had a unique ability to create spaces for everyone to be heard in order to help the group move in the direction of our vision.

Jill G. , Principal

Monique has an incredible work ethic, is motivated, and has the ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. She excels at communicating and collaborating across agencies. She is a strong advocate for students, yet is able to function well within the boundaries of the district procedures/policies.

Jerry N., Director of Pupil Services

Monique Hicks | MHicksconsulting@gmail.com | 608.516.8629

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