40% of high school students reported high levels of anxiety and 30% reported symptoms of depression. Less than ⅓ of students (28%) reported getting the help they needed when they were experiencing these difficulties.

2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

How I can help

Leader in education with extensive experience in education, mental health, and project management. An innovative School Social Worker, well-versed in devising, implementing and managing school and district-wide initiatives while delivering effective services to students and staff. Key areas of expertise:

  • Children’s mental health and trauma
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • K-12 Education and Special Education
  • Restorative Practices
  • PBIS (Positive Behavior Supports and Intervention)
  • McKinney Vento Act/Educating homeless children and youth
  • Attendance/truancy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Staff wellness
  • Professional development facilitation
  • Program and policy analysis
  • Guiding and managing teams
  • Coordination and collaboration with agencies

From short-term project support to long-term partnerships, the goals are the same:

Increase capacity of student service staff

School Social Workers, School Counselors, and School Psychologists will be able to meet the daily needs of students and know that the initiatives that matter the most to them are in good hands and moving forward.

Identify clear priorities and next steps towards accomplishing goals or implementing initiatives

Schools and districts will be supported in prioritizing their multiple goals, grants, initiatives, and mandates. Having clear steps and direction will effectively move the district forward.

Professional development tailored to school and district goals and staff needs

District leaders, administrators and staff have the opportunity to design professional develop opportunities that are tailored to the specific needs of the school or district.

Timely implementation of initiatives, frameworks, interventions, and policies

Priorities and initiatives will stay in the forefront and leaders can be assured that things will be put in place on a timeline that is suitable to the school or district.

Effective and efficient use of resources

Gain clearer insight on what resources are available in your district or community and explore ways of maximizing their benefits by clarifying roles and responsibilities, exploring new or existing resources, and assessing what resources are most cost effective.

Throughout my years working with Monique I watched her transform student support systems through her leadership in facilitating school district-wide efforts to implement positive behavior supports and individual student interventions. Monique is gifted in supporting educators, students, and families.

Shannan R. , School Administrator

Monique Hicks | MHicksconsulting@gmail.com | 608.516.8629


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